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Characteristic analysis and preliminary identification of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria of dominant plants in alpine grassland
Characteristics of the grass felt layer and soil moisture in alpine meadows at the southern foot of the Qilian Mountains under different grazing intensities
Spectral characteristics of alpine grassland with different degrees of desertification in Maqu County, the source region of the Yellow River
Spatiotemporal evolution characteristics of high-frequency grassland fire area in Mongolian Plateau based on a space-time cube
Response of spectral reflectance and quantitative characteristics inversion accuracy to the change in coverage of Seriphidium transiliense
Responses of Zoysia matrella growth, soil mineral nitrogen, and nitrogen balance to different levels of irrigation and mowing
Analysis on composition and difference of volatile organic compounds in thyme from different types of grassland in Ningxia
Bibliometric analysis of machine learning applications in remote sensing of soil salinization
Comparative analysis of yield and quality of 19 forage oat varieties in winter fallow in the Wumeng Mountain Area
Identification of Anguina funesta in Lolium multiflorum from the United States
Identification and expression pattern analysis under abiotic stresses of bZIP gene family in orchardgrass
Response and adaptation of Echinochloa crusgalli to photoperiod
Research progress on Medicago sativa powdery mildew and its resistance mechanism
Effects of different seeding rates on seed yield and components of alfalfa
Response of growth and physiological indexes of Helianthus tuberosus to biochar under salt stress
Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of ApCAT gene family in Alternanthera philoxeroides
Drought stress response of Bassia dasyphylla determined by leaf structure, physiology, and transcriptome analyses
Comparison of growth performance, carcass traits, and meat quality of the Beichuan white goat and its crossbreed
Straw yield and potential utilization for forage in Inner Mongolia
Research progress on the nutritional value of Moringa oleifera and its application in livestock and poultry breeding
Legislative dilemmas and improvement suggestions regarding the grassland–livestock balance
Exploration and practice of the curriculum construction for Forage and Turfgrass Seed Science based on the concept of “Three-Wide Education”