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2015 Vol.32(9)

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2015, 9(9): 0-.
[Abstract](1480) [PDF 2544KB](1139)
The changes of main plant communities in Xilingol grassland
Qiao-feng ZHANG, Gui-xiang LIU, Hong-bo YU, Yu-hai BAO
2015, 9(9): 1381-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0016
[Abstract](1298) [PDF 1038KB](673)
Vegetation survey with fixedlocation has important significance to reveal the influence of the climate change and human activities on vegetation. In order to provide reference for the protection and rational utilization of meadow steppe, the field investigation data in 1983 and 2014 which had 31 years interval were analyzed using the methods of summed dominance ratio, relative height, relative coverage, relative abundance, relative frequency, relative weight, community diversity and similarity indices to real the main vegetation communities change in Xilingol meadow steppe under free grazing condition. The results showed that the meadow steppe adjacent to typical steppe shrunk to the east and Xilingol meadow steppe area decreased. The biggest change happened in Filifolium sibiricum steppe whose area decreased and transformed to Stipa baicalensis steppe and Leymus chinense steppe. The tested indices of Gramineae plants representing by S. baicalensis, L. chinense and Cleistogenes squarrosa including dominance, relative height, relative coverage, relative abundance, relative frequency and relative weight increased obviously whereas those of Compositae plants representing by F. sibiricum decreased obviously. There were no significant changes in Margarlef index and the number of families, genera and species. Simpson index, Pielou index and Similarity coefficient significantly decreased (P0.05).
Community diversity analysis of Cenchrus pauciflorus under different disturbance in Tongliao and surrounding area
Zhi-xin ZHANG, Xun TIAN, Yong LIU, Bei-mei HUANG
2015, 9(9): 1392-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2012-0543
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Cenchrus pauciflorus and its accompanying species in four different locations (Forest Park, Gaolintun, Jianguo Village and Bahuta) with different disturbance from human being in Korqin sandy land were investigated by Quadrat method from July to August of 2008. Species composition, coverage, height, density, important value as well as diversity index in the four sites were analyzed to reveal C. pauciflorus and its accompanying species distribution pattern in Korqin sandy land. The results showed that C. pauciflorus had a serious invasion in Jianguo Village and a tiny interference to Forest park. In the plots with serious invasion of C. pauciflorus, there were less species, uneven distribution of plant species, low vegetation coverage, more interference and low biodiversity index. The ecosystem with less interference from human being was more stable in the habitat invaded by C. pauciflorus. The distribution pattern of vegetation had a close relationship with C. pauciflorus.
Dynamic change of soil moisture and their relationship with climatic factorsin the Jarud Banner of Inner Mongolia
Gui-zhen ZHANG, Kai GAO, Li-juan ZHANG
2015, 9(9): 1399-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0027
[Abstract](1196) [PDF 767KB](372)
In order to reveal the dynamic change of grassland soil moisture and the effects of climate changes, the inter annual variations of soil moisture and the relationships between soil moisture and climatic factors were analyzed using historical climate date and soil moisture from 1983 to 2012 in the Jarud Banner of Inner Mongolia. The results showed the soil moisture in all the soil layers including 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 and 0-50 cm gradually decreased from 1983 to 2012 which suggested that grassland become more and more drought. The decrease of soil moisture included 3 stages. The first stage was from 1983 to 1987 when the soil moisture ranged from 15% to 30% which was the higher moisture stage. The second stage was from 1988 to 1999 when the soil moisture ranged from 5% to 15% which was transition stage from higher moisture to lower moisture stage. The third stage was from 2000 to 2012 when the soil moisture ranged from 2% to 10% which was the lower moisture stage. There was negative relationship between temperature, sunshine hours and soil moisture and positive relationship between precipitation, relative humidity, evapotranspiration and soil moisture.
Effects of grazing on the morphological characteristics and biodiversity of the forest steppe in Yili
2015, 9(9): 1405-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0036
[Abstract](1375) [PDF 620KB](487)
In order to evaluate the influence of grazing on the plant biodiversity of grassland ecosystems, the quadrats with or without grazing in the forest steppe were investigate in Gongliu County, Yili. Six morphological characteristics indices including lifespan, height, growth form, spinescence, stem nature and leaf size were recorded and four biodiversity indices including Simpson, Shannon-Wiener, Brillouin and Fager index were calculated. The results showed that the number of species in the grazing plots increased compared with no grazing plots, especially the number of Medium, Erect, None Spinescence, Herbaceous and Woody significantly increased (P0.05). In the low altitude plots, both vegetation richness and abundance in the grazing plots increased compared with no grazing plots which had significantly higher (P0.05) Simpson and Shannon-Wiener index. The present study can provide some references for the construction of the nature reserve in Western Tianshan Mountains.
Management and restoration of degradation vegetation on the Tibetan Plateau
Yi-gang HU, Rui LI, Yu-qin XIN, Xue-chao ZHU, Zeng-ru WANG, Yang ZHAO
2015, 9(9): 1413-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0219
[Abstract](1220) [PDF 754KB](473)
Ecosystem on the Tibetan Plateau is very sensitive and fragile to any disturbance due to its high altitude, cold and arid climate conditions. Recently, the influence of increasing human activity including engineering projects and overgrazing on ecosystem stability become more and more prominent, which was mainly characterized by vegetation degradation, soil deterioration and the aggravation of soil erosion. Many protection and vegetation restoration measures have been applied to prevent further environmental deterioration and negative impacts caused by human activity on ecosystems to date. Taking two typical vegetation recovery practices (i.e., QinghaiTibetan railway engineering and Black Soil degraded pasture) for example, the present paper reviewed experience of vegetation recovery on the Tibetan Plateau, and presented basical principles and notices, which will guide the implement of vegetation recovery to engineering disturbance and pasture degradation on the Tibetan Plateau.
Perspectives in effects of grazing on diversity of grassland plant community and forage diseases
Xiang LU, Zhi-biao NAN
2015, 9(9): 1423-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2014-0480
[Abstract](1326) [PDF 522KB](483)
Grazing is one of the important ways to rational utilize, foster and improve grassland. Both grazing and grassland plant community diversity influence the incidence and severity of forage diseases. Grazing will affect forage diseases with different grazing intensities, methods and livestock. The diversity of grassland plant community including species richness and host plant density also affect forage diseases by affecting the usage of environmental resources, as well as the spread of pathogenic fungi. Meanwhile, the grazing intensities, livestock behavior, the types of rangeland, the history of grazing and grazing distribution patterns also increase or decrease the diversity of grassland plant communities. The present paper reviewed the effects of grazing on both grass plant community diversity and forage diseases and put forward the suggestions including combination of the research about the effects of grazing on diversity of grassland plant community and forage diseases in future; more deep study on genetic diversity and improvement of grazing management to reduce or control forage diseases. Thus, the goals of unifying grazing, disease management and sustainable use of grassland resources will be achieved.
Cloning and expression analysis of Actin gene fragment from halophyte Halogeton glomeratus
Yan-hong MA, Xian-liang XU, Jun-cheng WANG, Pan-rong REN, Ke YANG, Ya-xiong MENG, Bao-chun LI, Xiao-le MA, Hua-jun WANG
2015, 9(9): 1432-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2014-0585
[Abstract](1170) [PDF 1167KB](444)
In the present study, the Actin gene fragment was amplified by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) from total RNA extracted from leaves of H. glomeratus with designed degenerated primers based on the conserved sequences of Actin genes from chenopodiaceous plants. The Actin gene fragments were cloned into pMD19-T vector, sequenced using positive clone and registered in GenBank (accession number:KF699314). The sequence results indicated that the length of Actin gene fragment was 598 bp which encoded 198 amino acids and homology of amino acid sequences translated from nucleotides acids from H. glomeratus and other plants was 94% which suggested the high conservation of this gene. There was no difference between Actin gene expressions in different organs of H.glomeratus based on quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) analysis which suggested that Actin gene can be selected as internal control gene for study the expression of other salttolerant genes of H. glomeratus.
Effects of exogenous CO on the accumulation of -ecdysterone in Ajuga sp.
Fei-fei SUN, Chun-xue LI, Gui-zhi FAN
2015, 9(9): 1438-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0034
[Abstract](1142) [PDF 542KB](355)
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an important signaling molecule in plants and has a regulatory role in many physiological processes. In the present study, the screened high-yield -ecdysterone suspension cells coming from the root of Ajuga multiflora and Ajuga lobata were used as the main experiment materials to study the effects of carbon monoxide (CO) on accumulation of -ecdysone. Different concentrations of hemin were added in the A. lobata root suspension cells culture respectively. The result showed that hemin increased the systhesis of -ecdysone. The treatment with 8 molL-1 hemin for 8-day had the best inducing effect (P0.05) on the accumulation of -ecdysone which improved by 80.82% comparing with that of control after hemin treatment. These researches will enrich the theory of elicitor and signal molecular on secondary metabolite regulation and provide the theory basis and the technical support for large-scale -ecdysone production.
Determination and analysis of vitamin E content in 16 alfalfa (Medicago sativa) varieties
Guang-yan FENG, Hong-wen GAO, Xin-quan ZHANG, Guo-li SUN, Xue-min WANG
2015, 9(9): 1444-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0007
[Abstract](1124) [PDF 525KB](582)
In the present study, the vitamin E (VE) content and main components including -VE and -VE of 16 alfalfa (Medicago sativa) varieties were determined using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The correlations between total VE content, -VE content and -VE content were also analyzed. The results showed that the total VE contents of 16 varieties ranged from 1.833 to 6.346 mg100 g-1 FW with the average of 3.281 mg100 g-1 FW. Zhongmu No.1 had the highest VE content with 6.346 mg100 g-1 FW, whereas Aohan had the lowest VE content with 1.833 mg100 g-1 FW. For all the tested varieties, both -VE and -VE asymmetrically distributed and -VE was the main component of VE which was much higher than -VE. Correlation analysis indicated that the total VE content was significantly and positively correlated with the -VE content while the -VE was significantly and positively correlated with the -VE content. Comparison analysis results showed that three varieties including Zhongmu No.1, Ladak and Xinjiangdaye had higher VE content. The present study provided experimental support for the utilization and the quality breeding of alfalfa.
Tissue culture differentiation and callus induction of different explant from Pennisetum americanumP. purureum
Wen-jing ZANG, Ying CHEN, Qing LI, Xiao-qin GOU, Bing-chao WU, Sheng-ting YANG, Rui ZHANG, Xin-quan ZHANG, Lin-kai HUANG
2015, 9(9): 1451-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0216
[Abstract](1387) [PDF 612KB](384)
Pennisetum americanumP. purureum has high biomass yield and is currently considered as a leading candidate energy crop around the world. In the present study, seeds and lobus cardiacus tissue of P. americanumP. purureum were used as the explants to determine the influence of different concentrations of 2, 4-D and 6-BA on callus induction and the influence of NAA on differentiation. The results showed that the optimal embryonic callus induction culture medium of seeds was MS+5.0 mgL-1 2, 4-D+0.4 mgL-1 6-BA with 75% induction rate, while that of the lobus cardiacus was MS+3.0 mgL-1 2, 4-D+0.5 mgL-16-BA with 60% rate. The induction rates of seeds were higher than those of lobus cardiacus. The optimal plant regeneration culture medium of seeds was MS+3.0 mgL-1 6-BA+0.5 mgL-1 NAA with 62.5% rate. The establish system for efficient micropropagation could be used for P. americanumP. Purureum genetic transformation and oriented improvement.
Effects of external support on the morphological plasticity and reproductive strategies of climbing Humulus scandens
2015, 9(9): 1457-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0029
[Abstract](1079) [PDF 422KB](304)
In order to discuss the influence of external support on the morphological plasticity and reproduction of Humulus scandens, the biomass distribution, morphological characteristics and propagation characteristics of each single male and female plant were determined after the wild population growth in three different ways including tree support, shrub support and no supporter. The result showed that the supporter significantly affected (P<0.05) the stem, leaf and flower of both female and male plant. The effects of supporter on male plant were significantly higher (P<0.05) than those on female plant for some tested indices including the length and diameter of main stem, single leaf area and ear length. However, the effects of supporter on female plant were higher than those on male plant for some tested indices including branch, leaf and flower number and length of total stem. Supporter had no effect on total biomass and stem and leaf distribution ratio of female plant whereas had significantly effects (P<0.05) on these two indices of male plant. Supporter had a litter effect on flower distribution ratio of both female and male plant. The reproductive allocation, reproductive efficiency index, reproductive index and reproduction ratio of male plant were significantly higher (P<0.05) than those of female plant. But supporter had smaller effect on reproductive characteristics of male plant than that of female which suggested that female plant had higher reproductive plasticity than male plant. In conclusion, the existence and types of supporter significantly affected morphological plasticity and reproductive strategy of H. Scandens.
Effects of mixed combination and proportion between leguminous and graminaceous forages grown in Ningxia desert steppe
Ya-shu QI, Lin ZHU, Xing XU
2015, 9(9): 1463-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0019
[Abstract](1271) [PDF 550KB](392)
Effects of mixed combination and proportion on economic input-output ratio, yield of grass and main nutrientional ingrendient, relative total yield (RYT) and competitive relationship between two leguminous forages (Medicago sativa and Astragalus adsurgens) and two graminaceous forages (Leymus chinensis and Elymus sibiricus) mixed-sowing growing were studied under three mixture proportion, i.e. ratio of leguminous forages to graminaceous forages being 3∶7, 5∶5, 7∶3, respectively in Ningxia Central Semiarid Belt with suplemental irrigation. The two-year experiment showed that the yield of mixed sowing between two forages was significantly higher (P0.05) than the yield of the graminaceous forages single sowing. The yields of the mixed-sowing combinations between M. sativa and graminaceous forages were significantly higher (P0.05) than those between A. adsurgen and graminaceous forages in 2013 and 2014. The combination of M. sativa and L. chinensis with ratio of 7∶3 displayed the highest yield of dry grass (P0.05), crude protein and lipid and the lowest economic input-output ratio among all the mixedsowing combinations. The competitive rate (CR) of leguminous forage in the mixed-sowing combinations between M. sativa and graminaceous forages was higher than that in the mixedsowing combinations between A. adsurgen and graminaceous forages. There were more combination with RYT1 in the mixed-sowing combinations between A. adsurgen and graminaceous forages than the mixed-sowing combinations between M. sativa and graminaceous forages. The RYT of combination between A. adsurgen and L. chinensis with ratio of 7∶3 was highest. All of these results suggested that the combination between M. sativa and L. chinensis with ratio of 7∶3 had positive yield performance and lowest economic input-output ratio whereas the combination between A. adsurgen and L. chinensis with ratio of 7∶3 had relative balanced growth between different species when establishing artificial grassland in Ningxia Central Semi-arid Belt.
Responses of high-sugar ryegrass productive performance to stimulated grazing on the Loess Plateau
Tian-hui YANG, Hui CHENG, Eun Joong Kim, Sheng-hua CHANG, Yu ZHANG, Ben-tian MO, Fu-jiang HOU
2015, 9(9): 1473-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2014-0253
[Abstract](1054) [PDF 676KB](383)
In the present study, the productive performance of 3 different introduced highsugar ryegrass cultivars were quantitatively analyzed in both simulated grazing conditions and making hay conditions in Loess Plateau. The results showed that the contents of crude proteins, crude fats and crude Ash of 3 cultivars in simulated grazing conditions were significantly higher than those in making hay conditions, while the content of crude fibers and water soluble carbohydrates in simulated grazing conditions were significantly lower than those in making hay areas (P0.05) which suggested that simulated grazing can significantly improved (P0.05) the contents of crude proteins, crude fats, crude Ash and water use efficiency. The simulated grazing significantly increased (P0.05) the yield of gross energy of ryegrass cultivar Star and Premium . The hay yield, water use efficiency and nutrient contents of cultivar Star in simulated grazing conditions were significantly higher (P0.01) than those of the other 2 highsugar cultivars Abermagic and Aberavon which had no significant difference between each other. In conclusion, simulated grazing improved the productive performance of highsugar ryegrass cultivars and the performance of Star had higher and stable performance.
Effects of plastic-film mulch on growth traits and yield of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in saline-alkaline fields
Xiao-pan PANG, Jing ZHANG, Hui-xia LIU, Rui SONG, Ting-ting1 JIA, Yu XIAO
2015, 9(9): 1482-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0290
[Abstract](1469) [PDF 473KB](445)
Plastic-film mulch is one of the important ways to increase production in saline-alkali fields. In order to promote the application of plastic-film mulch on alfalfa (Medicago sativa) production, the field experiments about the effects of plastic-film mulch on growth traits and yield of alfalfa under different salt concentration were conducted in huanghua farm, yumen district of hexi corridor. The results showed that the germination rate, survival rate, overwintering rate and yield decreased with the increase of salt concentration, while plasticfilm mulch significantly increased (P0.05) above indices and the stem-leaf ratio of alfalfa. The yield with plastic-film mulch under higher salt concentration (0.5%) was significantly higher (P0.05) than that without plastic-film mulch under lower salt concentration (0.3%) which suggested that plastic-film mulch could be applied to the production of alfalfa.
Comprehensively evaluation of productive performance of Bothriochloa ischaemum populations by grey correlative degree analysis
Ru-dan HAN, Qi-wu JI, Kuan-hu DONG
2015, 9(9): 1489-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0006
[Abstract](1159) [PDF 486KB](285)
In the present study, adaptation performance characteristics including hay yield, hay fresh ratio, leaf stem ratio, plant height, stem diameter, internode number, leaf number, and crude protein of four B. ischaemum populations grown in the Jinzhong areas of Shanxi Province were measured and analyzed by the grey correlative system. The productive performance of Taigu population was best in the studied area, Pingding and Dai County populations followed, whereas the Pinglu population had relatively low adaptive productivities. The order of weight index in the grey correlation analysis was: Ash NDF ADF stem diameter internode length leaf length EE biomass per plant leaf width plant height leaf stem ratio hay fresh ratio CP internode number hay yield leaf number.
Influence of brick supplementation on Gansu Alpine Merino production performance
Chang-ji ZHANG, Li-ping ZHANG
2015, 9(9): 1496-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2014-0391
[Abstract](1232) [PDF 410KB](381)
In the present study, both sixty Gansu Alpine Merino pregnant ewes and another 60 2-year-old ewes with similar body condition were divided into two groups including control and block licking treatment to study the influence of supplementation brick on production performance in typical family ranch of Sunan County, Gansu Province. All the experiment groups were freely grazing with sheep herd on daytime and without brick for the control groups and freely brick licking for treatment groups in sheep pens for 165 days. For 2-year-old ewes and pregnant ewes, the average brick intake were 31.1 and 43.2 gd-1 and average molasses intake were 2.5 and 3.5 gd-1, respectively. Mineral elements and amino acids (methionine and lysine) were supplemented simultaneously. Both the average daily gain and lamb birth weight of pregnant ewes with brick licking were significantly higher than those of the control (P0.05). The survival rate of pregnant ewes with brick licking also increased although there was no significant difference.
Effects of mycotoxins on dairy cows and control measures
Chun-li FU, Wen-jing LIU, Teng-yun GAO
2015, 9(9): 1500-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0003
[Abstract](1038) [PDF 538KB](470)
The mildew of animal feed has become a global concern problem because the security of feed directly affects the quality of animal product. The present paper mainly summarizes the hazards of three types of mycotoxins on dairy cows and limited standards on feed and milk, meanwhile proposes the measures to control the mold pollution based on the behavior of mold combined with the actual production which provide the theoretical basis for controlling pollution of feed in the process of production.
Identification of lactic acid bacteria and fermentation characteristics ofmixed ensilages of corn stover and cabbage waste
Hai-wei REN, Tuo ZHAO, Jin-ping LI, Xue-yan LI, Zhi-zhong LI, Na XU, Yong-gang WANG, Chun-lai YU, Xiao-hang GAO, Xiao-li WANG
2015, 9(9): 1508-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0118
[Abstract](1304) [PDF 0KB](77)
To explore the feasibility of corn stover (CS) and cabbage waste (CW) mixed silage, the effects of different ratio on ensilages quality were studied to assess the best ration of two materials. Meanwhile, conventional identification methods and 16SrRNA sequence analysis were employed to analyze the lactic acid bacteria diversity from the optimum mass ratio of CS and CW ensilages. The results showed that the pH value of all the mixed silages were lower than CS solely ensilages (SECS, P0.05) which mean that the quality of mixed ensilages were better than CS sole ensilages. The ME5 group was the optimal mass ratio in mixensiling groups. A total number of 12 lactic acid bacteria were isolated from the ME5 group, which belonged to the three different generas (Lactobacillus, Pediococcus and Enterococcus). Among these isolates, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus were the predominant strains (91.7% of the total isolates). They were composed of 1 strain of L. brevis, 3 strains of L. plantarum, 7 strains of P. pentosaceus and 1 strain of E. hirae which mainly were homofementative of lactobacillus. The research result supported that the way of CS and CW mixed ensilages was feasible and had laid the foundation for preparing an excellent lactic acid bacteria addictive for silage.
The requirements for land resources based on food consumption patterns:A case study in Qingyang
Ting-yan SUN, Zeng TANG, Zhen-yan SHANG
2015, 9(9): 1518-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2014-0354
[Abstract](1252) [PDF 442KB](334)
With the rapid development of economy, food consumption patterns is converting from plantbased foods to animalbased foods in China. Besides, population growth and urbanization, industrialization, have led to less and less arable land which creating potentially serious risks for Chinas food security. The present paper analyzes the relationship between food consumption patterns and land requirements of Qingyang using calculation method of GerbensLeenes et al. and Kastner et al. The results showed that food consumption patterns in Qingyang is relatively simple, concentrated mainly on plantbased foods. The consumption of meat is far below the national average. With the improvement of living standards in the future, food consumption patterns will change and food consumption of animal origin will increase, which will need more grassland to meet the requirement. Therefore, we should strengthen the protection and construction of grassland, restore a large area of grassland vegetation, improve grassland productivity greatly, improve the yield and quality of forage. This will help rationalize the food consumption patterns, access land requirement changes in food consumption patterns more comprehensively and accurately, The maintenance of the national ecological security and food safety is important.
Problems and countermeasures of the course of Herbaceous Plants Seed Science
Xiao-jun YU
2015, 9(9): 1524-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0196
[Abstract](1129) [PDF 534KB](393)
In order to improve the student education quality, the problems of the Herbaceous Seed Science course of Pratacultural Science were analyzed in Gansu Agricultural University. The major problem included the lectures revolving around teacher rather than student; college students with less initiative and autonomous learning; more theory lectures rather than practice, less innovation and entrepreneurship education; some students lacking of learning motivation with lower learning enthusiasm. In order to solve above problems, some countermeasures were put forwarded that included the optimization course content, strengthening practice teaching, encouraging students to participate in scientific research and think and learn critically, handling well the relationship between confirmatory and exploratory experiments in practice, carrying out case teaching, as well as reforming curriculum evaluation system. Accordingly, it will promote the course construction of herbaceous plants seeds science forward to a high standard.
The yield of sweet sorghum and soil nutrient after planting with multiple cropping, completely mulched and double furrow in Qinghai dryland
Chun-xi LI, Hai-sheng FENG, Wan-chun GUO, Jian-min PEI, Mei-ling WU
2015, 9(9): 1530-. doi: 10.11829/j.issn.1001-0629.2015-0033
[Abstract](1140) [PDF 510KB](337)
To study the effects of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) planting and multiple cropping at dry land of Qinghai, the experiments with single sweet sorghum planting in spring and autumn or multiple cropping after the winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) harvest on whole covering on double ridges and planting in catchment furrows (WCDR-PCF) were carried out at two altitudes (2 000 and 2 750 m). The results showed that the sweet sorghum can enter in filling stage when film in autumn and planting in spring, and the plants can enter in midjointing stage when film and planting in spring. The fresh yield, hay yield and stalk brix of these two treatment were 100 845 and 56 040 kgha-1, 35 550 and 9 525 kgha-1 and 16.77% and 4.40%, respectively. The fresh and hay yield of multiple cropping sweet sorghum were 60 360 and 7 530 kgha-1, respectively. In hay grass, the crude protein accounted for 10.50%, crude fiber accounted for less than 30% and sugar content accounted for 19% which suggested the good quality. The soil total nitrogen, total potassium, available nitrogen, available phosphorus, potassium and organic matter content decreased after planting sweet sorghum, but the total phosphorus and pH values increased.