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Preparing Your Manuscript

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Pratacultural Science publishes scientific and technology papers that emphasize Pratacultural Science, Animal Science, Ecology, Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Soil Science, and related subject. Authors submitting a paper to the journal should note the following:

Manuscript should have a clear point of view and reliable data, and should be concise and focused. If the manuscript contains similar or closely relevant contents to the published papers, the authors should show them in references.

* Title: The title should be concise, precise but informative, and should not be over 20 substantive words.

* Author: The names of authors should be confirmed before submitting a manuscript and cannot be changed after submission.

* Affiliation: The full name of the institution/university/corporation, the city where it is located, and the postal code are needed.

* Abstract: The purpose, method, results, and conclusion of the research work should be briefly presented. The abstract should be normally 300~500 words. As the abstract is not part of the text, it should be complete in itself; table numbers, figure numbers, references or displayed mathematical expressions should not be included.

* Key words: Between 3 and 8 key words should be provided.

* Foundation and Contract number: The supporting organization and contract number should be given.

* Materials and Methods: Materials, experiment design, measurement methods, and data analysis should be detailed except regular measurement methods, in order to let authors can repeat the experiment.

* Results: Please describe the main results clearly and concisely with scientific statistic, tables and figures.

* Discussion and Conclusion: Please adequately discuss your results by referred published papers and theory, and concise a conclusion finally.

* References should be numbered consecutively, in the order they appear in the text, with square brackets enclosing the number. The information about the references cited should be provided in its entirety. References should not contain un-published data.

Normally, at least 20/40 references should be provided in research/review papers, among which at least 10/20 references should be published in the past 5 years.

* Figures (Including images/photographs): Figures should be arranged sequentially with Arabic numerals, and should be clear, easy to read and of the best possible quality. The width of the figures should be not over 8 cm, and the lines must be smooth, clean and uniform. The tick marks on figure axes should point inward. Characters should appear as they would be set in the main body of the manuscript.

Images/photographs should be in good contrast with details clearly distinguishable. We will normally use figures as submitted. Please ensure that they are legible and technically correct.

The use of colour in figures is freely available in the online version of the manuscript, but authors will be charged RMB 300 per colour journal page in the printed version.

* Tables: Tables should be numbered serially and referred to in the text by number (Table 1, etc). Concise and precise three-line tables should be used.

* Abbreviations and Acronyms: All acronyms and abbreviations should be clearly explained when they first appear in the abstract or text.

* Units of Measure: The SI system should be used, and all units used should be consistent throughout the manuscript.