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  • The effects of different herbicide mixtures on the alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) yield and weed control effect were explored by applying different herbicide mixtures. The results showed that the weed control effects of different herbicide combinations was quite good; the dry weight of alfalfa with imazethapyr alone was as high as 1762 kg×hm-2; the dry weight of alfalfa with benazolin-ethyl alone was higher, which was 1897 kg×hm-2; and the dry weight of alfalfa with imazethapyr and bentazone mixture was the highest, 2175 kg×hm-2. Although the weed control effect was poor, the dry weight of alfalfa was 1882 kg×hm-2 when only haloxyfop-P-methyl (CK2) was applied. Except for bentazone, there was no significant difference in the yield of alfalfa among different dose of the same herbicide alone. The herbicide and related mixtures can be used at alfalfa five-trifoliate growth stage in Ar Horqin Banner as follows: imazethapyr 1050 mL×hm-2 + bentazone 1200 mL×hm-2+ haloxyfop-P-methyl 600 mL×hm-2;benazolin-ethyl 300(or 750)mL×hm-2 + haloxyfop-P-methyl 600 mL×hm-2,imazethapyr 1050 mL×hm-2 + haloxyfop-P-methyl 600 mL×hm-2,If the density of broadleaf weeds redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) is not high enough, also haloxyfop-P-methyl 600 mL×hm-2 can be applied.
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