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  • In order to clarify the characteristics of the 7 fungi Phialocephala mycorrhizal fungi which isolated from the roots of bilberry in Daxinganling, and were named as JUN-1to JUN-7. The growth characteristics and microstructure were analyzed, and its ability to dissolve phosphorus and the ability to secrete IAA and iron carriers were quantitatively analyzed. The results showed that these 7 mycorrhizal fungi have certain ability to dissolve phosphorus, secrete iron carrier and secrete IAA. Among them, the strongest ability to dissolve phosphorus is JUN-5, followed by JUN-4. The phosphorus solubilizing capacity of these two bacteria is significantly higher than other strains. The phosphorus concentration in the solution is 80-95 mg·L-1 higher than that of CK. The strongest ability to secrete IAA is JUN-7, and the concentration of IAA in the solution is increased by 57.90 mg·L-1 compared with CK. The ability to secrete iron carriers of JUN-4 and JUN- 6 is stronger than other strains . The ratio of the dissolved phosphorus circle to the colony radius can reach 2.5 times or more. The comprehensive analysis indicated that the ability of JUN-4 to dissolve phosphorus and the ability to secrete iron carrier were very strong, and its growth-promoting ability and growth-promoting mechanism could be further analyzed. The results of this study can provide a theoretical basis for the development of rhododendron fungi and the cultivation of blueberry.
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